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Season 2020 Highlights

Congratulations to the Womens All Age Div 3 Team - 2020 Champions

All Age Men Div 10 - Runners Up

Under 17/1 - Runners Up

2019 Season Highlights

Congratulations to our All Age Ladies 2 team who took out both the 2019 Premiership and Championship.

2018 Season Highlights

  • M League Div 1 - Semi Finalists
  • M League Div 2 - Runners Up
  • M League Div 3 Gold - Premiers & Runners Up
  • All Age Men Div 4 - Semi Finalists
  • All Age Men Div 10 - Grand Finalists
  • All Age Ladies Div 2 - Semi Finalists
  • All Age Ladies Div 5 Gold - Champions
  • Under 12 Div 1 - Semi Finalists
  • Under 12G Div 2 - Premiers & Champions
  • Under 13 Div 1 - Runners Up
  • Under 13 Div 3 - Semi Finalists
  • Under 14G Div 2 - Runners Up
  • Under 15 Div 1 - Semi Finalists
  • Under 15 Div 2 - Semi Finalists
  • Under 16 Div 1 - Premiers & Champions
  • Under 16 Div 2 Gold - Semi Finalists
  • Under 17 Div 2 - Premiers & Runners Up
  • Under 21 Gold- Premiers and Champions
  • Under 21 Green - Semi Finalists
Season 2017 Highlights

Congratulations to our 2017 Premiers:

All Age Ladies - Div 2

M-League 2 Green

2017 Grand Finalists

All - Age Ladies Div 2

M-League 2 Green

M-League 3 Green

U14 Div 1

U15 Div 1

Unforunately there were no Grand Final winners this year, but we are proud with every teams' efforts as winning is not everything, but the effort to win is, and every team's effort this year was there for all to see. Each team performed to their abilities each week and that's the important thing, so congratulations to everyone for their commitment, passion, and support. You all contribute to make this Club great!

Congratulations to AAL2 and ML2 Green for becoming 2017 Premiers. Great result in tough competitions. We are proud of your achievements!

Congratulations to the following teams who have qualified for 2017 Grand Final games:

  • U14 Div 1 - went down in a great game, match could have gone either way, but congrats to the boys on their efforts - well done
  • U15 Div 1 - went down, but can hold their heads up high for what was a gallant team effort - well done
  • ML2 Green - playing Sat 5.15pm at Lynwood Stadium
  • ML3 Green - playing Sat 3.00pm at Lynwood Stadium
  • AAL2 - playing  Sun 11.00am on Ron Dine South (Camden Tigers grounds)

Best of luck to each of these teams - and please head out and support them!

2016 Season Highlights

Congratulations to the following teams who played  Division 1 Grand Finals:

  • Under 12/1 - RUNNERS UP 0-1
  • Under 13/1 - WON 2-1 
  • Under 16/1 - RUNNERS UP 0-1
  • ML3 Gold - WON 1-0
  • ML1 Gold - RUNNNERS UP 0-2
  • Under 16/1 Girls - WON 3-1 (in extra time)

Congratulations to the following teams who played Grand Finals at Eschol Park:

  • Under 12/2 Girls - RUNNERS UP 0-2
  • Under 13/2 Gold - WON in Penalty Shoot Out
  • Under 10 Yellow - U10 Knockout Final - RUNNERS UP 0-1
  • Under 15/2 - RUNNERS UP 1-2
  • Under 11 Black - U11 Knockout Final - WON 1-0
  • LA3 - WON 3-0
  • AA2 - WON 3-0

AA3 Gold - MFA Champions Cup Winners 2016

Congratulations to Ronnie and the boys for their performance in winning the inaugral MFA Champions Cup. A great result in being crowned the best of the best! Well done guys, a great achievement, and the Club is extremely proud of your efforts!

Sydney Youth Cup 2016
Sydney Youth Cup 2016

STM U12/1 at Syd Athletics Centre field Homebush for first game of Syd Youth Cup against a NZ Academy Team.

Sydney Youth Cup July 16 School Holidays

The coach of our 12/1 side entered the team into this competition, so the boys could experience the next level of football to play against some Representative and Youth Academy teams.

Craig Carroll, their Coach says: "We were super excited to play at Sydney Olympic Park on one of the main stadiums.

The boys exceeded all expectations. The team played with great enthusiasm and skill and determination.

They represented themselves, the parents and St Marys Eaglevale SC with terrific sportsmanship.

Below are the results and from them you can see we did exceptionally well against some quality teams.

We won 3, drew 1 and lost 1. We officially finished 3nd.

Sunday 10th July vs Ricky Herbert Academy(NZ) winning 3-0

Monday 11th July vs Futboltec loosing 2-5

Tuesday 12th July vs Illawarra Football Academy winning 2-0

Tuesday 12th July vs Inner West drawing 1-1

Wednesday 13th July vs Australian Youth Football Institute winning 4-1..."

A top 4 finish for the team - well done all!

Our 11 Black also represented the Club at this competition and like the U12/1s performed exceptionally well against top level sides and di themesleves and the Club proud. Their Coach, Brett Madden had this to say

"Amazing effort by under 11 black in the Sydney Youth Cup.

They played top class teams from around Australia and New Zealand which are made up of representative players.

They played 5 games which they won 3, drew 1 and lost to the Kiwis which put the St Marys side in equal 2nd place.

The boys did the club proud on and off the field and were appraised by opposition coaches and refs about there respect, sportsmanship and skill level. WELL DONE BOYS"

Grand Final Winners 2018:

Congratulations to our 2018 Winning Grand Final Teams:

  • All Age Ladies 5 Gold
  • U12 Girls Div 2
  • Under 16 Div 1
  • Under 21 Gold

Checkout the Skills of Joseph Banza from our Under 6 SSG Team (2016) 

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