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2015 Premiers

Congratulations to all St Marys teams for another great year.
And we'd also like to congratulate the following teams for making it through to the Grand Finals.

U10 Black - U10 Cup
U11 Black - U11 Cup
U12/1 Girls

U16/1 Girls
U16/2 Girls
U17/1 Green
Lynwood Cup Grn
AA3 Green
AA3 Gold
AA9 Green

2015 Season Premiers - Under 12/2's, Under 16G/2's, AA3 Green, U13/1, U12 Girls and U16G/1
2015 Final Series - U12/2's, U12/3's, U12/4's, U12G/1's, U13/1's, U13/3's, U14G/2's, U15/1's, U15/3's, U16/1's, U16G/1's, U16G/2's, U17/1's Green, U
17/1's Gold, U18's, U18G/1's, AA2's, AA3 Green, AA3 Gold, AA9 Green, AA11's, LYNWOOD CUP Green, LYNWOOD CUP Gold, McDONALDS M-LEAGUE RESERVES, McDONALDS M-LEAGUE PREMIERS

Champion of Champions

Our Under 21s (AA3 Gold) team were defeated by Lilli Pilli in the last few moments of their Champion of Champions semi-final match held Sunday 11 October. We congratulate the team for progressing to this stage of the competition - an effort well done!

Team Positions at end of Competition Rounds
U12 Girls 2nd
U12/1 5th
U12/2 1st
U12/3 4th
U12/4 2nd
U13/1 4th
U13/2 8th
U13/3 3rd
U14G Gold 6th
U14G Green 3rd
U14/2 5th
U14/3 6th
U15/1 3rd
U15/3 3rd
U16/1 3rd
U16/2 9th
U16G/1 4th
U16G/2 1st
U17/1 Gold 3rd
U17/1 Green 2nd
U18 Girls 4th
U18 3rd
AA2 Gold 3rd
AA2 Green 5th
AA3 Gold 2nd
AA3 Green 1st
AA5 6th
AA7 8th
AA8 5th
AA9 Gold (Old AA6) 11th
AA9 Green 2nd
AA10 5th
AA11 4th
AAL2 5th
AAL4 9th
Lynwood Cup Gold 3rd
Lynwood Cup Green 2nd
M-League Premiers 3rd
M-League Reserves 3rd
O35/3 8th

St Marys Eagle Vale Soccer Club
Kooringa Reserve

210 Spitfire Drive
RABY, NSW 2566

Postal address: PO Box 251 Macarthur Square 2560

Phone: 0413 777 515 (Secretary: Sarah Manion)

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