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Life Members

St Mary's Eagle Vale Soccer Club proudly recognises its Life Members:

  • John Hains
  • Mark Wise
  • Stephen Thomas
  • Michael McHugh
  • Renato Cocchietto
  • David Wheeler
  • Tony Arneil
  • Steve Minor
  • Iain Kelly
  • Tony Poulton * deceased 
  • Steve Bunnell
  • Steve Carroll
  • Kim Scott
Club Person of the Year

2023: Mark Arentz and Glenn Hunt

2022: Wayne Lewis

2020 & 2021: Not Awarded due to COVID-19 impact on the season

2019: Wayne Lewis and Glen Pepper

2018: Lydia Pavicin

2017: Steve Taylor* deceased  and Mark Scott

2016: Wayne Trotman

2015: Kathleen East-Gordon

2014: Steve Carroll 

2013: Tony Poulton* deceased 

2012: Kim Scott

2011: John Perrin

2010: Mike Charlton

2009: Tony Poulton* deceased 

2008: Steve Carroll

2007: Steve Carroll

2006: Tony Poulton* deceased 

2005: Mark Kane

2004: Stephen Thomas

2003: David Wheeler

2002: Kevin Lee

2001: Tony Arneil

2000: Michael McHugh

1999: Janelle Hains

1998: Mark Wise

1997: Peter McFadden

1996: Wayne Keogh

1995: Mark Wise

1994: John Hains

1993: Karl Knopp

1992: Myrtle Halston

1991: John Hains

1990: Hector Miguelez

Tony Poulton Memorial Club Spirit Award

St Mary's Eagle Vale Soccer Club proudly acknowledges its Tony Poulton Memorial Club Spirit Award Winners:

2017: Iain Kelly

2019: Donna Arneil

In Tony Poulton's memory, in his honour, and in recognition of the Spirit of St Marys that he showed so proudly, the Club has introduced, and dedicated a new award to Tony.

The Tony Poulton Memorial Club Spirit Award has been introduced to recognise someone who has consistently displays the qualties that Tony Poulton himself displayed:

 · Continually supporting the culture, ethics and morals of the Club over a number of years

· Displaying enthusiasm and energy in supporting the Club

· Working hard to find ways to better the Club

· Delivering high quality and ongoing support

· Being a proud member of the St Mary’s family

This award sits apart from the Club Person of the Year, which by definition, is for someone who has worked hard and has gone over and above to support the Club during the season.

The Club Spirit Award is to recognise ongoing support of the Club over a number of years whilst displaying the qualities mentioned above.

About Tony:

Tony joined our Club over 12 years ago as a player and a Coach. He was good at both, and played his last season with the O45s in 2016 (ok so 2016 wasn't his finest year on the park, and he got a lot of practice pulling the ball out of the back of the net, but he never gave up, and always gave his best - just like in life).

We were fortunate to have him join the Committee over 10 years ago, and what a committee person he was! No-one will ever know the volume of work he put into the Club. Sure we all saw Tony fixing the grounds, putting together gear and equipment, doing his Club Secretary duties with aplomb, dragging bins around the field, and working hard on ensuring that all the behind the scenes paperwork and planning was always exemplentary. What a lot of people didn't see was his love of the Club, and the hours and hours he spent at the Club just to ensure that we were presented in the greatest light. He was honoured with Life Membership which was a very fitting and apt recognition of his work, and being the humble man that he was, he had tears of happiness when presented with this highest Club achievement.

He was a friend to all who met him, and the greatest friend to us.

We will miss you Tony, our friend.

Years of Service

Club's First "20 Years Continous Service" Players

Aiden Pershouse (2016) & Jessica Miles (2015)
20 Years of Service
20 Years of Service

Jessica Miles (2015)

Aiden Pershouse (2016)

Daniel Bunnell (2017)

Simon Wise (2017)

Jamie Morales (2018)

Tim Hart (2019)

Tony Arneil (2019)

25 Years Service
25 Years Service

Jessica Miles (2020)

St Marys Eagle Vale Soccer Club
Kooringa Reserve

210 Spitfire Drive
RABY, NSW 2566

Phone: 0410 177 869 (President: James Kelly)

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